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Rutas en 4x4

20-10-2020 published by: monica

Descubre todas las rutas en 4x4 que tenemos en Asturias. Una forma única de llegar a parajes naturales de gran belleza y con accesos restringidos a otro tipo de vehículos.

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Ruta de los miradores del Navia

28-04-2020 published by: monica

Ruta circular en el concejo de Boal con unas vistas impresionantes.

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Senda Costera de Oles (Villaviciosa)

27-04-2020 published by: monica

The Asturian coast is a perfect setting to enjoy the coastal paths, both on foot and by bike.

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Senda del Oso

27-04-2020 published by: monica

La senda del oso es una vía verde acondicionada tanto para tránsito peatonal como cicloturista, y que atravisesa los concejos de Quirós, Santo Adriano, Proaza y Teverga.

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Adventure in Asturias

25-12-2016 published by: monica

Asturias is the #NaturalParadise of the adventurers par excellence. By land, sea and air, you can enjoy unique sensations. Thanks to its rugged orography it allows us to practice most mountain sports.

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Tabayón Waterfall

02-11-2016 published by: monica

This route starts out from the village of Tarna, where you take a path to the right, paved with concrete in some sections, which heads uphill between stone walls to a beautiful beech forest. A little further on you come to a sharp bend to the left leading to the Terreros crossroads, where paths cross. At this point the trail branches into two: the left fork leads to Pyrenean oaks on Llano del Toro, and the right one to Tabayón Waterfall.

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